Service Traiteur

Bienvenue au Bois Savanes

Le Bois Savanes In Town est fermé du lundi 20 juillet au mardi 18 août inclus. Réouverture le mercredi 19 août dès 12h.

The Bois Savanes In Town, the new Thai restaurant-traiteur in the European district, proposes you truly authentic food, prepared "à la minute" and without artificial flavour enhancer.
The menu was thought out with a view to propose a varied menu with the inescapable of Thai food, lunch formulas for a quick but high-quality lunch and some more audacious dishes that made the fame of the "Bois Savanes Touch".

Come and discover that range of flavours… in a gastronomic trip through the country of the 1001 flavours in an elegantly and skilfully renovated setting.